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Proudly affiliated with the ​International Center for Excellence ​in Emotionally Focused Therapy

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We exist to provide a safe haven for EFT therapists (and others ​interested in EFT) to connect and collaborate, as well as a secure base ​upon which they can develop their practice and be supported to serve ​their clients and community.

We commit to be:

Accessible to all wishing to experience EFT

Responsive to the needs of our members, clients and wider community

Emotionally engaged with the issues that matter to our members, ​clients and community, shaping our actions accordingly.

We do this by...

Connecting clients to EFT therapists

Connecting therapists and students to quality EFT training

Connecting EFT therapists to each other

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what's eft?

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) is an attachment-oriented, experiential therapy formulated in ​the early 1980s by Dr Susan Johnson. Originally a model for intimate relationships, EFT has now ​expanded to include treatment methods for individuals and families too.

EFT asserts that as humans we have an inherent need to feel connected to important others. ​When securely connected, we can thrive. When disconnection threatens, we become distressed ​and often get caught in rigid patterns of emotion and behaviour: our best attempts to regain a ​sense of acceptance, belonging, comfort or safety.

EFT seeks to understand these rigid, repetitive patterns, and - crucially - the deep fears and ​unmet needs that drive them. By helping clients see and step back from their negative cycles of ​interaction, EFT therapists invite and empower change: toward more secure, flexible patterns of ​reaching and responding as well as stronger emotional bonds with those that matter, resulting in ​increased connection and decreased distress.

EFT is an evidence-based treatment, with strong empirical support. For couples, research shows ​that that 70-75% of couples who complete an EFT treatment move from distress to recovery and ​approximately 90% show significant improvements in relationship satisfaction. Studies also ​indicate that these gains are maintained over time. (Click here to see a summary of EFT research)

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who are we?

We're a passionate and motivated group of therapists from a range of disciplines and backgrounds with a common desire to use and share Sue Johnson's beautiful model of Emotionally Focused Therapy.

We aim to encourage and empower one another: to see our broader communities connected and thriving.

We do what serves you, our community.

Our organising committee meets approximately monthly throughout the year (usually via Zoom) to plan events and respond to member needs and requests, in line with our mission.

If you would like to join us, we would love to welcome you. We're always eager to welcome anyone who'd like to contribute in any way.

Email us here.

upcoming ​events

Check our calendar and join in. We'd love to ​welcome you! Links to book and further info ​will be added as we have it. Check facebookfor further details or email us any time.


mon 4 ​mar 5:30-8:30pm aest

A live, in-person role play evening with EFIT & ​EFCT demonstrations, supervised peer ​practice, food, networking and silent auction. ​Get tickets and details here.


sat 18 MAY 9:30am - 5​pm

Dr Clare Rosoman presents this in-person ​experiential event to consolidate EFT ​therapists’ confidence in using the five moves ​of the EFT Tango with relationships and ​individuals. Tickets here


SAT 7 SEPT 9a​m - 12pm AEST

Dr Rebecca Jorgensen bringing you golden ​nuggets, essential concepts and practices to ​help you empathise with, attune to and put in ​the cycle this hidden and repelling block to ​connection. Online (Zoom) event, do joi​n us!


sat 30 nov 4-7p​m

A combination celebration: join us for a friendly ​meal and our Annual General Meeting. We’re ​especially keen to welcome anyone who’d ​like more info re: serving on our committee. ​Mor​e details to come.

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